We believe in a multi-faceted, congregation-led ministry.  We have recognized and developed several ministries within Messiah Lutheran Church to best serve our church family.

Music Ministry

Norma Roenicke is the music director, organist and voice choir director for Messiah Lutheran.  She is an accomplished organist and pianist, as well as, a very busy piano and organ teacher.  Under Norma’s direction, Messiah enjoys the voices of a Cherub, Youth and Adult Choir. The music ministry is supplemented with instrumental, solo and ensemble voice presentations from time to time.

The Music Ministry of Messiah also presents a special Christmas Eve concert each year. Combining the talents of the choir along with individual voice  and instrumental presentations, this concert is a special treat for all who attend.  The choir is open to all members of Messiah Lutheran Church.

Youth  Ministry

Under the direction of Andy and Jenn Tallman, the Messiah Youth Ministry is providing a positive and fun experience for the younger members of Messiah Lutheran Church.  From monthly meetings, to exciting outings (even a great camp experience), the Messiah Youth Ministry is engaging our youth while encouraging and nurturing a love of Jesus Christ. 

For more information on Messiah Youth Ministry, visit their Facebook page  

Prayer Ministry
Messiah Lutheran Church offers those attending our services the chance to seek prayer for a need for themselves, for a concern they have for others, or simply to share in giving thanks for God's blessings to them.

The purpose of the prayer ministry team is to actively encourage and promote prayer within the life of the church. By being open and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit, we pray that God's love, guidance and healing power would be released for the benefit of His people and to His glory.

Those seeking prayer are encourage to click on the “Prayer Request” link at the bottom of this page and submit your request to a member of our team.  The Messiah Prayer Team is also available at Sunday’s worship service to pray with and for those seeking a moment of private prayer.

Educational Offering/Ministry 

As a part of our mission plan, we believe that faith formation is critical to the life of every Christian.

3 yr old – 5th Grade – Stories of the Bible
6– 7th Grade - Confirmation Instruction
8th– 12th– Conversations on Faith and Life
Parents of Students – Conversations on Faith and Life


Monday Evening at 7:00pm
Thursday morning at 10:00am
Length of sessions typically depend on topic

Prison  Ministry
"I was in prison and you visited me."   Matt 25:36
Messiah Lutheran Church takes part in the Keryx Prison Ministry.  Keryx is a lay led, 
non-profit,  non-denominational, Christian based prison ministry .
The purpose of Keryx Prison Ministry is the Christianization of the correctional institution through the actions of small apostolic prayer support groups of  prison residents, trained and encouraged by Keryx volunteers, working within their environment.

Keryx  Definition - A keryx was someone sent by his master to proclaim in public the master's message. He dared not change the announcement because it was not his own. His responsibility was only to proclaim it accurately.

For more information on the Keryx Ministry, contact Chuck Ackley at 686-4065 or email at: lgack@hotmail.com